Tamworth - NSW

Tamworth Country Music Festival

To know about the Tamworth country music festival is to know about Australian country music culture and heritage. Tamworth is known as the country music capital of Australia and it is renowned for hosting the Tamworth country music festival every year. The city is also recognised as the National Equine capital of Australia because of the high volume of equine events.

The annual country music festival has many times been counted among the world’s top ten music festivals. This music festival held in Tamworth, New South Wales, Australia is not the only celebration of music culture and heritage rather it is something more. The festival lasts for two weeks during late January and during this period; the city of New South Wales comes alive, with visitors from all across the country and worldwide.

To know about the Tamworth Country Music Festival, you need to consider its history first. In 1968, the non-existent Tamworth branch of the modern country music association began a talent quest on the Australia Day in January. This talent quest, which is now known as the Capital Country Music Association Talent Quest was the foundation to the festival. Initially, the festival was confined to limited events, but with the progress of time, the festival has expanded to several other events. These events are promoted to highlight Australian Country music and to draw attention to the climax of the ten days Country Music Awards.

With the festival being the second biggest country music festival in the world, a mad rush among the visitors has been noticed recently. Accommodation through out the area is consistently booked out for this period up to 12 months in advance. While many visitors are seen camping in caravan and tents by the city’s riverside. A significant number of national media coverage is also given to the festival with all television networks covering the festival in news.

The festival has diversified in styles of country with the broadening of the genre of the country music festival. Different styles of music are played at the festival, which include Classic country, Blue grass, Country Rock, Urban Country, Western swing, Yodelling and more. Besides the music, the festival has many other attractions for visitors, which include the Big Golden Guitar, the country music wax museum, and the hands of Fame Park of some renowned country music artists. Awards Night Ceremonies are also conducted in which winning artists are presented with the Golden Guitars trophies and awards that are highly coveted in the country music industry of Australia.